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On the Trail

November 29th, 2012

On the Trail

Zackaria called out " Hey, Hup,Hup ,HAAA !!" as he cracked the whip above the oxen's heads and snapped the reins on their backs.
Straining and pulling against a well worn wood yoke, the huge animals dug their hooves deep into the mud.
The animals cried out loudly against the weight of the wagon. Abagail, his wife, Joshua, Michael, John , his sons, put their hands on the back of the wagon and pushed with all their strength. Slowly, ever so slowly, the wheels began to emerge from the mire.
"Hey Hup, Hup HAAA !" The whip snapped and cracked again over the heads of the sweating beasts.
Reluctantly, the mud yielded up it's prey, releasing the wagon from the death grip it had on the wheels.
As the wagon lurched forward, Abagail lost her grip on the wagon and fell into the mud. John, stopped pushing and helped his mother up, Joshua and Michael continued to push and push on the back of the wagon until it was free of the mud.
"Whoa !, Whoa !" said Zackaria to the beasts as he held back on the reins, halting the great animals as the wagon came to rest on dry land.
Dirty, tired as they all were, they gathered around, knelt on the ground, and gave thanks to the Lord for their deliverance from the mud.
This was only the third week on the trail. Many, many more trials were to come that would test their strength, will and faith.